eclipse is an IDE for Java, JavaEE, C++, and many more. i collected some links where to find summarized information or cheat sheets on eclipse.

just a side note: this isn’t supposed to be a promotion for eclipse, as it is written here, choosing the right IDE is a difficult process; i just have to work with eclipse and i like to keep the most important information in one place.

this is just a summary/copy of javapapers.com and torsten-horn.de thus, the credits go to them!


  • ctrl+shift+r – open a resource
  • ctrl+page up or page down – go to next or previous open file
  • alt+arrow left or arrow right – go to previous or next edit position
  • ctrl+shift+f – format code
  • ctrl+o – list all methods of the class (again ctrl+o includes inherited methods)
  • ctrl+shift+o – organize imports
  • ctrl-shift-u – find reference in file
  • ctrl+/ – comment a line
  • f3 – go to declaration of the variable
  • f4 – show type hierarchy
  • shift+f2 – show javadoc for current element
  • alt+shift+z – enclose block in try-catch
  • ctrl+l – go to line number
  • ctrl+d – delete line
  • ctrl+arrow left or arrow right – move one element left or right
  • ctrl+m – maximize editor
  • ctrl+shift+p – go to matching parenthesis
  • f5 – step into
  • f6 – step over
  • f8 – resume
  • ctrl+q – inspect
  • ctrl+shift+g – search for word reference in workspace
  • ctrl+h – java search in current workspace

download a list of shortcuts (containing the listed) from the original post.

u can set up ur own keyboard shortcuts at

  • window – preferences – workbench – keys – keyboard shortcuts


change tabulator width

  • window – preferences – workbench – editors – text editor – displayed tab width
  • window – preferences – java – editor – appearance – displayed tab width
  • window – preferences – java – code style – code formatter – edit – identation – tab size

use characters instead of tabs

  • window – preferences – java – editor – typing – insert spaces for tab
  • window – preferences – java – code style – code formatter – edit – identation – use tab character

edit the code formatter for more changes u’d like to have. when working in a team create one and make the others to import and use it.

keep in mind that eclipse may change the location where to find all of it

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