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eclipse is an IDE for Java, JavaEE, C++, and many more. i collected some links where to find summarized information or cheat sheets on eclipse. just a side note: this isn’t supposed to be a promotion for eclipse, as it … Continue reading

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Remote Sessions with Linux

This covers only a linux remote desktop and a linux client (examples provided for Debian distributions). Also multi session, multi user respectively will be covered.

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Mercurial (client side)

Mercurial is available for all platforms. it’s a distributed revision control tool. I wrote down some hints and tips encountered when working with Mercurial.

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installing GRUB

in order to install Grub, one way is to do it manually – get a Live-CD and open a terminal – start grub as root (e.g. sudo grub) – find the place of GRUB bootmanager (find /boot/grub/stage1) – type root … Continue reading

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ubuntu and mysql

this post provides a short introduction (with further links) to setting up and handling a MySQL server on ubuntu. useful additional tools are mysql-admin and mysql-query-browser (also available in the repositories) setup # install mysql server mysql-server # location of … Continue reading